Baalbeck Festival 2013 Poster

Baalbeck Festival poster for 2013 is up and plastered on different streets in Beirut. it doesn’t mention performers on it. check their website periodically:


When you Google yourself, are you happy with what you find ?

when you google yourself, are you happy with what you find ?

we are all guilty of googling our names…when I speak at conferences or give workshops, I usually ask that question and get a good show of hands and after a bit of nudging the others admit that they have googled themselves. we all have a narcissistic touch.

the trigger to this post is what I overheard this morning:

Part of why I always emphasize Social Media management when I travel and speak throughout the Middle East is what search engines reveal from Social Media data and what brands and digital citizens can show and emphasize as others search for them or their industries. a lot of the presentations I work on with the Think Media Labs team can be found on:

so go ahead, Google yourself (again), are you happy with the results ?

Mar Mikhael Car Free Live Blog

what are your plans for Sunday in Beirut ? Mar Mikhael is car free today.

I’ll be live blogging pics for u to have an idea (as much as Lea and Jad will let me).

update: wrapped it up for today. Parent Guiltometer has gone way down (for now). the car free day is something we need more of.






Car Free Urban Living in Mar Mikhael

looking forward to the car free day at Mar Mikhael. I’m hoping more and more of these initiatives contribute to urban living in Beirut.