Maya Zankoul’s Rise To Fame


keep your eyes on Maya Zankoul as she is an artist on the path to success.

maya is a Lebanese artist who is doing almost everything right to put her work out there, create a name for herself, and make you laugh in the process.

she started by putting her work online and it grew and spilled off into a book, pottery merchandise, and public sessions about blogging, art, and book publishing.

Taking advantage of Social Media to show her work or just keep you up-to-date with what she is working on.  The mix of them together is proving to be a force to be reckoned with.

Maya appears to (effortlessly) attend to all the details

for example, her book signing events have the custom posters created specifically for that event. books are displayed in an eye catching manner.

online you can find her:

offline you can find her book in virgin and librarie antoine

below are a couple of videos of maya in action:

– speaking to fellow artists about her work and approach at the recent Pecha Kucha event

– there is a also a video of her book signing event at the ceramics store in saifi village

ceramics store event was a feel good event and has been covered online in different places:

go maya ! we are all keeping a very interested eye on your work, growth, and fun sketches.

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  1. Liliane

    What I like about her is that not only is she a talented artist, she is also a smart person, and that is very admirable! and finally her modesty is the right ingredient for someone like her to reach the path of success! Kudos to her :)

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