my misconceptions about yoga & lessons learned

i had my first yoga session tonight

(the last time I did yoga was ages ago and i was probably 8).

below are my misconceptions and lessons learned:

my misconceptions:

  • misconception 1: it is as straight-forward as visiting a spa.  it is easy to do. doesn’t hurt a bit. isn’t actually classified as exercise.
  • misconception 2: even an out-of-shape digital-centric guy like me can jump in and do ok from the first session
  • misconception 3: you do one or two sessions and you feel right as rain and super-relaxed

lessons learned:

  1. i seemed to have misplaced my center of gravity, leading to easily losing balance with every move (didn’t know my center of gravity was something i could misplace)
  2. i am definitely definitely definitely out-of-shape.  we all know at some level that we are out-of-shape and we are quite good at denial; but it really strikes you when you are exerting an effort, especially publicly
  3. i know it is not the yoga-way to swear, but I found myself involuntarily swearing underneath my breath when i did a wrong (i.e. painful) stretch or lost my balance.  definitely intend to work on that.
  4. physical fitness has never been my strongest point ever since the gym days back in school.  adding years and years of inactivity on top of that makes it worse.
  5. i will be sore for quite a while and can actually hurt myself if I don’t pay close attention.  still sounds funny to me injuring myself doing yoga (see misconception 1)


i have yet to find an activity that is a breeze to do, gets your mind off things, and makes you healthy along the way.

survived my first yoga session and not sure that i’ll continue down this path for an extensive time; however, i do intend to try it out a couple of more times.

yoga space info:

instructor is a good friend, ghia osseiran who is very patient and has extensive years of experience in yoga.

place is the Shiva-Lila Yoga Space (website ; facebook page)

(sunset yoga image from akalat’s photostream)

2 responses to “my misconceptions about yoga & lessons learned”

  1. Chantal

    It’s natural to find it a bit hard at the beginning, specially if you haven’t been working out lately, but after a couple of sessions, you’ll find it easy!
    I found that Yoga is really relaxing & brings peace to your inner side !
    Enjoy your next sessions :)

  2. onoffbeirut

    thanks chantal for sharing.
    how long have you been doing it for ?
    how much time before the positive effects actually kick-in :)
    are you still able to find the time to practice yoga ?

    going to try it again this wednesday to see how i progress.

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