friends – knowing right from wrong

how will I know how to teach Lea how to know right from wrong when choosing her friends (especially the male ones) ?



saw a young girl parked under our building and obviously waiting for somebody to come down.  it got me thinking of what role I can play to help Lea better choose her friends. folks who would look out for her and wish her well ?  worse, in terms of guys, how can I play a role in making sure she can have clear judgement and be able to call a spade a spade when it comes to guys ?

lea is 14 months now and I have time to worry about this BUT it isn’t like I am going to take a class in a couple of years that provides pointers and best-practices ;)  will most likely be clueless then like I am now.

here is hoping…that Lea is surrounded by loving friends and family…helping her steer through the days ahead…


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  1. sheila

    this is every parent’s worry, how do you get it right? you have a few things you can do that will give your daughter a very good foundation. spend time with her, be involved with her, get to know her because she is already her own person. teach her about relationships by loving your wife and respecting women. the time will come when she will make decisions and choices, that’s the scary part but be there, even if she stumbles, this is how we grow. most of all, enjoy this little one :)

  2. onoffbeirut

    sheila, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on the matter !

    i loved the part where you said that “she is already her own person”.
    this is true on so many different levels :)

    I have been doing a more conscious effort lately to make sure I spend more time with Lea and I intend to spend more time (fingers crossed) as she grows older — the eternal struggle of all parents to juggle responsibilities and maintain a healthy balance.

    thanks sheila for stopping by and hope to hear more from you again soon.

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