2 responses to “Discovering Music – Starting Over”

  1. Amira

    I’m constantly constantly looking for new music since I get bored of what I listen to very easily. I don’t know how but I always end up discovering some not very known artist and end up exploring the genre, diving into their most recent albums.. I’m not very into the mainstream music since it just becomes so overplayed I get sick of it. If you looking for something new or refreshing I actually started a blog just for this sake, check it out if you like… I hope this helps…


    PS: btw, love love your blogg…

  2. onoffbeirut

    this definitely does help amira and thank you for sharing.
    so how do you generally come across the artists or genres ?
    did u enjoy the adele performance of the grammy awards ?
    how long has yr blog been up and running ?
    (i just subscribed to it)

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