5 responses to “Lebanese Weddings – Wishful Thinking”

  1. nightS

    My wedding was actually a party we were invited to in Barometer in Beirut =) We danced our hearts out with people we don’t know and I ate like a monster(I was the bride and I kind of used that to make people get me food).
    Everyone was comfortable and happy(they even paid lol). And if you had written that 5 months ago, I would have invited you to the party then =)

  2. Amira

    Definetly on my to-do list of things to do in life. I hate the formalities that go along with weddings. I always end up finding myself in one because ”yiiiii, 3eib mat ru7i” or ”ya 3ayb el shoum btiz3al bent khalit Jiddo, ma biseer bedna nru7”

  3. onoffbeirut

    Layal, that is such a great way to have a good time ! Don’t feel bad about playing the bride card to get more food as many other brides have used the bride card to get away with more than that ;) Thanks for the retro invite by the way !

  4. onoffbeirut

    Well Amira, when push comes to shove, it will be very difficult to get away with not going to the wedding of “Binet-Khalet-Jiddo-from-your-cousin’s-side-twice-removed”. Twitter is one of my escapes when I go to those and I strongly recommend you do the same :) Summer season is coming up and I hope yours is filled with beach outings more than weddings !

  5. kayantheatose

    Who and where to arrange this summer on fair, share your information.

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