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lebanese newspapers catching up to digital age ?

lebanese newspapers catching up to digital age ?

interesting to see l’orient Le Jour actually have an iPad app and have made the arrangements with a local bank (eblf.com) to sell you an iPad (via installments) with the l’orient Le jour app bundled in it. the subscription model for the iPad app without the ipad is unclear. plus l’orient Le jour homepage doesn’t […]

launch of maya zankoul’s second book – august2010

the talented artist maya zankoul of mayazankoul.com released her second book of her amalgam series. barely 15 days out and it made it to the top 5 at virgin megastores (http://ht.ly/2rHj8 /via @sdarine) the book can be found in virgin megastores and librairie antoine. her book signing took place on august 4th, 2010 in art […]

Maya Zankoul's Rise To Fame

Maya Zankoul’s Rise To Fame

keep your eyes on Maya Zankoul as she is an artist on the path to success. maya is a Lebanese artist who is doing almost everything right to put her work out there, create a name for herself, and make you laugh in the process. she started by putting her work online and it grew […]