Tunisia – Must Visit Destination


If you haven’t visited Tunisia yet, I strongly recommend you do.

Tunis has preserved its culture and architecture quite well (unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Beirut).



I felt very at home in Tunisia. It could be the shared history of Phoenicians, Turks, and French, the food, the friendliness of the people, …  It also could be that it had a similar vibe to Beirut where there is a 24-hour artist festival taking place in different places across the city, new government announcement, protests scheduled for Saturday and Monday — all at the same time.

  • Got to randomly meet and have extensive discussions with random strangers I met in coffeeshops, on the street,…  They were all friendly, cultured, and had interesting thoughts on national economy and the future of the country
  • I was very happy to see that there were a lot of plays taking place around the city
  • I was bummed to hear a common complaint that the country was better when there was a dictator running the show (that went against my understanding of a stereotype of a dictator).  Hope the transition period will be a short one.
  • I got to practice my (rusty) French

I would go back there in a heartbeat, hopefully next time with Lea.

PS: A guide/taxi that was referred by the hotel is called Hadi (+21698339716). Very helpful. Might come in handy if you plan to visit

Do we deny social media education?

Earlier last month, over a dinner discussion with some friends, I met a couple over who were both strongly against Facebook and other social networks. I haven’t come across such a strong sentiment in a while. My first thought was: it will be difficult for you to guide your young kids on use of social networks. There are many elements where we rely on the educational system to teach our kids; however, not in Social Media education. Schools are putting an effort to stay on top of latest Internet trends and continuously evolving classes to catch up. However, Internet technologies evolve at a very fast pace that schools need assistance from home in terms of education.

It triggered me to write an article about it and it was published over at KippReport.com